Spanish Saffron | Saffron from Jiloca

Azafranes Jiloca is a company dedicated to the production and marketing of saffron Teruel in the region of Jiloca, was created by José María Plumed in 1995 and since then has been developing and evolving in its activity in the Plumed family, generation after generation has worked Saffron cultivation of Teruel in the best location, this is none other than Monreal del Campo, a town that is located at 900 m altitude and with exceptional climatic conditions for growing saffron.

Azafrán Selecto - Azafranes Jiloca

Select Saffron

Azafranes Jiloca

Selected High Quality Saffron from Jiloca. Grown and produced by hand, preserving the old traditions, the best properties.

Azafrán Selecto Superior - Azafranes Jiloca

Saffron Select Superior

Azafranes Jiloca

Selected High Performance Saffron from Jiloca. Quality selection of the last harvest, retaining the traditional production process.

Azafrán Selecto Ecológico - Azafranes Jiloca

Ecological Selecto Saffron

Azafranes Jiloca

Selection Organic Saffron. Grown and produced without the use of synthetic chemicals, or genetically modified organisms.